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A Treatment Notice indicating a compound barrier, also needs to indicate the name of the compound used, and the life expectancy of the compound as implemented. This should provide the homeowner a good idea when the compound treatment should be re-applied, as modern day termiticides have a finite life span.

When inspecting buildings, it is remarkable just how many buildings have died chemical barriers, and therefore zero protection.

Physical barriers are many and diverse, but basically they DO NOT STOP TERMITES. They're designed to deny termites the capability to gain concealed access to this building, and are reliant on routine inspection by a competent expert.



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In the event of buildings under builders warranty, it's normally a condition of the warranty that regular inspections are carried out in accordance with the products specifications, otherwise you breach the conditions of your warranty. The relevant information can be found in the builders hand-over information pack.

There are normally plenty of conditions that are pertinent to maintaining physical barriers, for example you should maintain a 75mm inspection zone beneath the amount of the physical barrier (which normally is at the base of the brickwork weepholes). In other words do not build paths, garden beds, or other obstructions within this 75mm zone. .

All the relevant information regarding maintenance of your physical barrier merchandise ought to be available through your own builder, pest control professional, or the internet.



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Often this protective method only covers the structural elements of the building, and while it's excellent to know that the building wont fall out of a termite infestation, it is wise to determine the extent of protection, as non-structural wood elements still cost money to replace.

If you have any questions concerning your method of protection, then it is often best to consult your pest control professional, to avoid the danger of any nasty surprises.

When it comes to controlling an infestation of White Ants, we use the most effective method for your needs. Sure, many treatments kill White Ants, but the key to successful White Ant management is complete colony elimination and an ongoing management plan.



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The CSIRO reports that termites cause more harm than flame and that more than one in five homes have termite damage with an estimated damage bill of more than $100 million annually. Termites are often known as white ants but they share very few features with ants.

The White Ant Man is Cure Alls specialist termite division in Brisbane. We know termites, and how to guard your house or business from them in the very best way. A huge portion of executing pest control well is understanding how termites can enter a construction and regular termite inspections.

Through the construction of tunnels, both underground and above edges of concrete slabs, up sub-floor walls and over or through items that appear in their own way, termites can travel a radius of at least 50 metres and to a thickness of 300 mm underneath the ground. Shelter tubes are built if they need to travel over ground over things to get to food and to protect them from the dry atmosphere out and other insect predators. .



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Knowing whats going on in one set of circumstances versus another, and also the perfect approach to treat and protect from potential attacks is what The White Ant Man shines at.

Termites are commonly referred to in Australia as white ants. These pests cause millions of dollars in damage to homes and constructions in Perth annually, making pest control critical.

So your home has termites and you want the most effective termite treatment that Perth has to offer Are you looking for a reliable termite removal service in Perth We can help you make an informed decision.



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Treatments vary, therefore we will explain the differences and limitations of each treatment. When you have termite management services carried out there are just two main termite management strategies; either you're trying to create a barrier between the termites and the building to be protected (chemical treatments) or else you're trying to eradicate the termite colony (baiting).

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